First funding from Co-Fund

The first funding of Co-Fund is a reality! The Social Cooperative Enterprise “Apano Meria”, operating in Syros, is the first SSE project to receive funding from our community, within the framework of our recent funding invitation.

The goal of “Apano Meria” is to create an alternative model of visitation that is not determined by the burden on the island’s carrying capacity and the unlimited consumption of its resources. Instead, it is characterized by its positive social and environmental impact, the protection and promotion of the area, and the integration of visitors into the local community. To achieve this, “Apano Meria” is establishing a research base in Syros, where young scientists, students, and volunteers can conduct field research, participate in specialized research programs and seminars, or engage in volunteer programs. The base will also provide accommodation, meals, and transportation for medium-term periods throughout the year to meet their needs.

Co-Fund offers a cash facilitation of 2,000 euros, which will be used by the project for equipment procurement within the implementation of the “Funding of SSE Entities in the South Aegean” Action of the ROP 2014-2020. It is expected to be reimbursed by the end of autumn.

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