Funding the Future

We create a community of solidarity between cooperative entities and people who wish to support a more sustainable and democratic economy.

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Support the economy that respects everyone.


We reinforce productive ventures that respond to social needs, create stable and dignified jobs and contribute to the collective prosperity of the future.


We promote cooperative business administration models, with equal sharing of responsibilities and rights and democratic decision making.

Social Solidarity

We propose a new way of social contribution and mutual support to people who are inspired by common values, according to the needs and capabilities of each one.

What Co-Fund does

We create a collective funding capital for SSE ventures

Promoting sustainable growth through circular investments

We collect regular small contributions from individuals and collectives to build a fund for the Social Solidarity Economy.

We offer financial backing for SSE ventures

Providing interest-free funding solutions

We review and approve funding for SSE business plans selecting the most mature ones with the greatest social impact.

We monitor the outcome of every funding

Cultivating cooperation and solidarity values

We assure transparency, fair usage of funding and the ‘giving back’ on behalf of funded ventures in the spirit of solidarity.