We are a group of people from Greece who came together in the years of the financial crisis, seeking a personal and collective way out of unemployment, financial insecurity and poor working conditions.

We believe that the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is a promising alternative for society, contrary to the current dominant economic model, which is responsible for some of the current greatest social and environmental impasses of our time.

In trying to create new SSE projects and more jobs, the biggest obstacle we encountered was the lack of resources that would allow SSE to spread in a sustainable way.

To this end, we have been thinking of the idea of ​​Community Funding: a permanent community of solidarity between people who either need more democratic, sustainable and socially useful work, or are able to contribute financially to that end.

In collaboration with some of the most dynamic SSE collectives in Greece, we have set up Co-Fund to make our project a reality.

The primary goal of the non-profit organization “Co-Fund” is the facilitation of new social and solidarity productive initiatives to rise and the support of the expansion of existing ones. The members of the Co-fund are obliged to follow its rules of procedure, that specify its way of functioning.

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notis athanasopoulos

Notis Athanasopoulos

Graphic designer

kostas vourekas enhanced

Konstantinos Vourekas

Architect – Urban planner, founding member of  Commonspace

andreas karitzis

Andreas Karitzis

Finance & development consultant, founding member of Komvos for Social Economy, Empowerment and Innovation


Yiorgos Konstantopoulos

Sustainable energy consultant, researcher

manos stratos enhanced

Stratos Manos

Urban Planner – Spatial Planner, founding member of Bios Coop

dimitris papazacharias enhanced

Dimitris Papazacharias

Developer, President of Co-Fund

spyros tzortzis

Spyros Tzortzis

Digital Marketing Manager, founding member of Sociality

At Co-Fund we are proud and grateful for the valuable support from our strategic partners, and for the partitipation of their representatives in our association: